2 3 live&learn&rejoice: July 2011

July 31, 2011

this is not a rose

rose is a rose is a rose.
unless it is not.
Compose compose beds.

Wives of great men rest tranquil.

Come go stay philip philip.

Egg be takers.

Parts of place nuts.

Suppose twenty for cent.

It is rose in hen.

Come one day.

A firm terrible a firm terrible hindering, a firm hindering have a ray nor pin nor.

Egg in places.

Egg in few insists.

In set a place.

I am not missing.

Who is a permit.

I love honor and obey I do love honor and obey I do.

Melancholy do lip sing.

How old is he.

Murmur pet murmur pet murmur.

Push sea push sea push sea push sea push sea push sea push sea push sea.

Sweet and good and kind to all.

Wearing head.

Cousin tip nicely.

Cousin tip.


Wearing head.

Leave us sit.

I do believe it will finish, I do believe it will finish.

Pat ten patent, Pat ten patent.

Eleven and eighteen.

Foolish is foolish is.

Birds measure birds measure stores birds measure stores measure birds measure.

Exceptional firm bites.

How do you do I forgive you everything and there is nothing to forgive.

Never the less.

Leave it to me.

Weeds without papers.

Weeds without papers are necessary.

Left again left again.

Exceptional considerations.

Never the less tenderness.

Resting cow curtain.

Resting bull pin.

Resting cow curtain.

Resting bull pin.

Next to a frame.

The only hat hair.

Leave us mass leave us. Leave us pass. Leave us. Leave us pass leave us.

Humming is.

No climate.

What is a size.

Ease all I can do.

Colored frame.

Couple of canning.

Ease all I can do.

Humming does as

Humming does as humming is.

What is a size.

No climate.

Ease all I can do.

Shall give it, please to give it.

Like to give it, please to give it.

What a surprise.

Not sooner whether.

Cordially yours.


Cordially yours.

Not sooner together.

Cordially yours.

In strewing, in strewing.

That is the way we are one and indivisible.

Pay nuts renounce.

Now without turning around.

I will give them to you tonight.

Cunning is and does cunning is and does the most beautiful notes.

I would like a thousand most most.

Center pricking petunia.

Electrics are tight electrics are white electrics are a button.

Singular pressing.

Recent thimble.

Noisy pearls noisy pearl coat.


Arrange wide opposite.

Opposite it.

Lily ice-cream.


A hand is Willie.

Henry Henry Henry.

A hand is Henry.

Henry Henry Henry.

A hand is Willie.

Henry Henry Henry.

All the time.

A wading chest.

Do you mind.

Lizzie do you mind.




Next to barber.

Next to barber bury.

Next to barber bury china.

Next to barber bury china glass.

Next to barber china and glass.

Next to barber and china.

Next to barber and hurry.

Next to hurry.

Next to hurry and glass and china.

Next to hurry and glass and hurry.

Next to hurry and hurry.

Next to hurry and hurry.

Plain cases for see.

Tickle tickle tickle you for education.

A very reasonable berry.

Suppose a selection were reverse.

Cousin to sadden.

A coral neck and a little song so very extra so very Susie.

Cow come out cow come out and out and smell a little.

Draw prettily.

Next to a bloom.

Neat stretch.

Place plenty.



Curtain cousin.


Neither best set.

Do I make faces like that at you.


Not writing not writing another.

Another one.


Jack Rose Jack Rose.


Practically all of them.

Does believe it.

Measure a measure a measure or.

Which is pretty which is pretty which is pretty.

To be top.

Neglect Waldberg.

Sudden say separate.

So great so great Emily.

Sew grate sew grate Emily.

Not a spell nicely.


Weigh pieces of pound.

Aged steps.


Not a plan bow.

Why is lacings.

Little slam up.

Cold seam peaches.

Begging to state begging to state begging to state alright.

Begging to state begging to state begging to state alright.

Wheels stows wheels stows.


Cotton could mere less.




From the standpoint of all white a week is none too much.

Pink coral white coral, coral coral.

Happy happy happy.

All the, chose.

Is a necessity.


Happy happy happy all the.

Happy happy happy all the.


Remain seated.

Come on come on come on on.

All the close.

Remain seated.


All the.


Remain seated.

All the, close.

Websters and mines, websters and mines.

Websters and mines.


Gold space gold space of toes.

Twos, twos.

Pinned to the letter.

In accompany.

In a company in.



Natural lace.

Spend up.

Spend up length.

Spend up length.

Length thoroughly.


Neatness Neatness.

Excellent cording.

Excellent cording short close.

Close to.


Pin black.

Cough or up.



Neater pin.

Pinned to the letter.

Was it a space was it a space was it a space to see.

Neither things.



Say say say.

North of the calender.


Peoples rest.

Preserve pulls.

Cunning piler.

Next to a chance.



Apples went.

It was a chance to preach Saturday.

Please come to Susan.

Purpose purpose black.

Extra plain silver.

Furious slippers.

Have a reason.

Have a reason candy.

Points of places.

Neat Nezars.

Which is a cream, can cream.

Ink of paper slightly mine breathes a shoulder able shine.


Near glass.

Put a stove put a stove hoarser.

If I was surely if I was surely.

See girl says.

All the same bright.


When a churn say suddenly when a churn say suddenly.

Poor pour percent.

Little branches.








Near sights.

Please sorts.



Put something down.

Put something down some day.

Put something down some day in.

Put something down some day in my.

In my hand.

In my hand right.

In my hand writing.

Put something down some day in my hand writing.

Needles less.

Never the less.


Never the less extra stress.

Never the less.


Old sight.


Real line.


Upper states.

Mere colors.

Recent resign.

Search needles.

All a plain all a plain show.

White papers.


Slippers underneath.

Little tell.

I chance.

I chance to.

I chance to to.

I chance to.

What is a winter wedding a winter wedding.

Furnish seats.

Furnish seats nicely.

Please repeat.

Please repeat for.

Please repeat.

This is a name to Anna.

Cushions and pears.

Reason purses.

Reason purses to relay to relay carpets.

Marble is thorough fare.

Nuts are spittoons.

That is a word.

That is a word careless.

Paper peaches.

Paper peaches are tears.

Rest in grapes.

Thoroughly needed.

Thoroughly needed signs.

All but.

Relieving relieving.


That is plenty.

Cunning saxon symbol.

Symbol of beauty.

Thimble of everything.

Cunning clover thimble.

Cunning of everything.

Cunning of thimble.

Cunning cunning.

Place in pets.

Night town.

Night town a glass.

Color mahogany.

Color mahogany center.

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.

Loveliness extreme.

Extra gaiters.

Loveliness extreme.

Sweetest ice-cream.

Page ages page ages page ages.

Wiped Wiped wire wire.

Sweeter than peaches and pears and cream.

Wiped wire wiped wire.

Extra extreme.

Put measure treasure.

Measure treasure.

Tables track.



That will do.

Cup or cup or.

Excessively illigitimate.

Pussy pussy pussy what what.

Current secret sneezers.


Mercy for a dog.

Medal make medal.

Able able able.

A go to green and a letter spoke a go to green or praise or

Worships worships worships.


Do or.

Table linen.

Wet spoil.

Wet spoil gaiters and knees and little spools little spools or ready silk lining.

Suppose misses misses.

Curls to butter.



Settle stretches.

See at till.



Sail or.

Sail or rustle.

Mourn in morning.

The way to say.


Deal own a.


A high b and a perfect sight.

Little things singer.



Not in description.

Day way.

A blow is delighted.

-- from Gertrude Stein's Geography and Plays (1922)

what is the world coming to?

wow. i love love love love love it.

go ducks

. . .the Duck was tasked this season with answering every Oregon score with a round of pushups that corresponded to the number on the scoreboard. For the opening-day, 72-0 incineration of New Mexico, the poor undergrad in the cartoon suit wound up doing 506 pushups in a single afternoon. For the season, he/she routinely turned in more than 200 as the scores mounted.


July 24, 2011

a youthful william pitt the elder

"sir, the atrocious crime of being a young man, which the honorable gentleman has with such spirit and decency charged upon me, i shall neither attempt to palliate nor deny, but content myself with wishing that i may be one of those whose follies may cease with their youth, and not of that number who are ignorant in spite of experience."

July 23, 2011

the brain

the brain has more than 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) with 100 trillion connections among them

July 21, 2011


"let us beware how we palter with our independence," advised henry cabot lodge during an address to the us senate in 1919.

and everyone was transfixed because, alas, no one knew what it meant to palter so they did not know if they agreed or disagreed with the well spoken gentleman.

if only they had had google, then they would known palter means "beat around the bush" & and so they could have cheered him with a hearty "here, here" but instead they sat and tried to look deep in thought or like they had an alarming message on their iPhone that took precedence over the trivial matters being discussed.

though they did not.

and though everyone knew they did not.

July 20, 2011


@webster's: Middle English, from Anglo-French philber, from St. Philibert †684 Frankish abbot whose feast day falls in the nutting season. first Known Use: 14th century

. . .aka hazelnut, the official nut of the State of Oregon.

July 19, 2011

4 bibliophiles only

"of books and bikes" is a nicely written and organized blog by someone writing about what they're reading.

one entry reviewed the novel marriage by susan ferrier, a scottish writer i had never heard of before but based on this essay now think i might enjoy so thank you blogger, http://ofbooksandbikes.wordpress.com/2007/08/13/marriage-by-susan-ferrier/

i especially like her project of keeping track of the literature that fictional characters are reading. how fun is that?

mother goose

A cat came fiddling out of a barn,

With a pair of bagpipes under her arm;

She could sing nothing
but fiddle cum fee,

The mouse has married the bumblebee.

July 18, 2011

willie nelson blvd

how many austinites know that second street is called willie nelson blvd?

the white snake legend

courtesy of the china daily:

The tale goes that a white snake came to the human world as she was longing for human life (another version holds that she wanted to repay an obligation), and married a scholar named Xu Xian.

However, such marriage was opposed by Fahai, a Buddhist monk in Jinshan Temple, who maintained that coexistence of human and evil spirit was unallowable. He then suppressed the white snake (Madam White Snake) under Leifeng Pagoda at the bank of the West Lake.

Many years later, after gained a Zhuangyuan title (the first place in the imperial examination), Madam White Snake's son offered sacrifice to his mother in front of the Leifeng Pagoda. God was moved by his action and made the pagoda collapse, which enabled the family to reunite.

Provided the first half of the tale is a love story, the second half can be perceived as a narration regarding struggle and striving.

The legend happened in the West Lake of Hangzhou. It is said that Madam White Snake met Xu Xian on the now "Broken Bridge" at the White Dike of the West Lake.

Up to now, visitors may still recall the story as they view and admire this scenic spot. More importantly, the huge quantity of ancient traditional customs preserved in this legend has made it become one of the oral heritages containing the most abundant folk customs in China.

Legend of the White Snake derives from the Tang and Five Dynasties and is handed down through the Ming and Qing Dynasties until now. Through the adaptation and performance of oral folk literature and various conventional literature, this tale became a classical theme of a variety of literal forms including story, ballad, precious scroll, fiction, historical novel, script for story-telling, drama, Tanci, as well as movie, TV play, cartoon, and comic strips. It has therefore experienced an ever expanding influence and becomes widely known in China, and furthermore, spreads in many countries such as Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, and India.

more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_the_White_Snake

July 15, 2011

proust's favorite painter

a young proust filled out a questionnaire noting meissonier as his favorite painter and i say hmph, who's that?

turns out jean-louis-ernest meissonier might be most well known for his war scenes paintings (do people do that anymore? do we have "great art" showing the bombings of vietnam? does a painter get inspired by the burning down of a village?) but i digress...his works are on display in museums around the world, http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/meissonier_jean-louis-ernest.html.

i don't know that the following is representative of his work but i love the colors and i love the fabric so here it is:

July 13, 2011

all good things . . .

. . . must come to an end.

Netflix rates rise up to 60 percent for DVD, streaming

July 12, 2011

oregon is for the birds

white pelicans_double-crested cormorants_ herons_gulls_terns_grebes_bald eagles_raptors_geese_white faced ibis_yellow-headed blackbirds, goshawks_swan_hermit thrushes_red-tail hawks_bluebirds_meadow larks_falcons_mallards_wigeons_green winged teals_ osprey_egrets_pileated-woodpeckers_scarlet tanagers

I hope you love birds, too.
It is economical.
It saves going to heaven.
-Emily Dickinson

July 9, 2011

mona lisa & me

If only for the name.....

....I want to be a Lulalista (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/09/world/americas/09brazil.html?_r=1&ref=world).

the grand mal seizure

thought-provoking book
that reminds us some issues in life are not black and white
and the grey area
can be

July 7, 2011

the happy valley set

the outlandish british aristocrats calling the happy valley home in the first half of the 20th century probably ranked fairly high on the unlikeable scale. one cannot imagine them other than pompous, spoiled, drunken, ego maniacs self-absorbed beyond the pale for even the most tolerant among us.

and yet.

what a place to be and what a time to be there.

July 6, 2011

what else?

what else fits?

maybe .  . .
those big car phones?
myspace (sorry Justin)?
hand-held games?
lamps that turn on when you clap?
8-tracks (how long did those last?)?
vhs tapes?
IBM selectrics?
CDs (hopefully transitioning to streaming only soon)
DVDs (hopefully transitioning to streaming only soon)

and why do cables continue surviving generation after generation? is it a conspiracy to make me miserable?

July 5, 2011

Don't get seriously sick in July

Apparently, there is something called the 'July Effect' - or at least there is a myth as to the existence of something known as the July Effect....

From today's NY Times Science section - http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/04/really-the-claim-hospital-mortality-rates-rise-in-july/?ref=science

Because new medical residents begin work in July, some have suggested that July brings with it increases in mortality and "mishaps" at hospitals.  Most studies show no such dramatic - or even undramatic - rise in problems.  But in a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine published last year, a 10% increase in medical errors was reported during the month of July.

Hmmm... think twice about scheduling that surgery for July.

it's a thought

how to meditatively reflect on
the disadvantages of anger*

1. anger creates havoc
2. anger magnifies problems
3. anger undermines virtues

July 4, 2011

What a way to celebrate the 4th of July!!


Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest -
Women's winner: Sonya Thomas - 40 hot dogs in 10 minutes (yay, Sonya!!)
Men's winner: Joey Chestnut - 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes

Inspired by Sonya and Joey and my own comparatively paltry attempts at gargantuan eating, I looked to Major League Eating (http://www.ifoce.com/) for more awe-instilling feats -

Sonya again!!!  8.31 lbs Armour Vienna Sausage in 10 minutes (2005)
Joey again!!! 9 lbs, 5.2 oz deep fried asparagus spears in 10 minutes (2011)
Don Lerman - 6 lbs baked beans in 1 minute, 48 seconds
Dominic Cardo - 3 lbs, 3 oz pickled beef tongue in 12 minutes
Don Lerman - 7 quarter lb sticks of salted butter in 5 minutes
Sonya again!!! 11 lbs cheesecake in 9 minutes
Takeru Kobayashi - 17.7 lbs of cow brains (or 57 cows' brains) in 15 minutes

Photos of many of the winners are at http://www.ifoce.com/rankings.php

cosmic music

click on "sounds" link at http://asteroseismology.org/

July 2, 2011

world bank of freely available information

want stats re education, civil war, terrorism and trafficking, landmines, natural resources of Africa, key gender topics, World Bank projects, socio-economic conditions in Latin America & the Caribbean?

all yours for the taking at http://data.worldbank.org/data-catalog

July 1, 2011

deo juvante

prince albert II gets married in a civil ceremony today. but why is he only a prince?
he forever remains a "prince" & not a king because monaco is a principality and not a kingdom. monarchs of a principality are princes whereas monarchs of a kingdom are kings.
knowing the consequences if he fails to produce a legitimate heir, why has he waited so long to marry?

and when was it decided that ONLY a legitimate heir could inherit the throne (not unheard of in the history of this small principality to allow an illegitimate daughter to rule . . .)

did the eagles play "lyin' eyes" last night at their concert in honor of the big occasion last night?
"With God's Help"