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November 7, 2011

impossible to understand

how does a graduate student at penn state fail to scream out when he believes he sees an adult sexually abusing a child of 10 years old? how does this graduate student not spontaneously interrupt what he thinks is a molestation happening right before his very eyes? how does he not try and protect this kid? how does he not instinctively step in to stop what he clearly thinks is an adult having sexual contact with a minor? it is impossible, absolutely impossible to understand his inaction.

this graduate student supposedly witnessed the abuse as it was happening and he didn't feel compelled to stop it. he chose to call his parents and follow their insipid instructions rather than stop violence to a child right before his eyes.

to his credit, he did later call it to the attention of penn state authorities, who opted to do nothing. their inaction protects their mega-athletic empire and given the recent history of the catholic church and the boy scouts and given america's love affair with college sports, it's not terribly shocking that the suits did nothing to upset their precious program. disgusting, yes, surprising, not so much.

but for the graduate student to see a grown man assaulting a pre-teen boy and to do nothing but leave the building is unimaginable and inexplicable.

absolutely impossible to understand his inaction. impossible.