2 3 live&learn&rejoice: 10 things you can do in 10 minutes

February 22, 2011

10 things you can do in 10 minutes

necessity requires that i learn how to make the most of my time these days so here is a list of 10 things you can do when you have just 10 minutes . . .

1. spritz houseplants (they love it)
2. pet your dog (they love it)
3. from your collection of fun postcards, dash off a note and put it in the mail so someone gets a little surprise (they love it)
4. floss your teeth (they love it)
5. clean out your car (you'll love it)
6. drink eight ounces of water (your body will love it)
7. dance alone in your living room to a favorite song (you'll love it)
8. look through an art book that you brought home from the library (you'll love it)
9. do 50 sit-ups (you'll love it)
10. lie down on the floor in corpse pose and think nice thoughts (you'll love it)