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January 13, 2011


cloud-based storage

the term keeps popping up in the media.

but what does it all mean, toto?

All is explained at wikipedia (of course) and at http://www.cio.com/article/501814/Cloud_Computing_Definitions_and_Solutions
and it seems that cbs is a computing model that will revolutionize how information is stored with all sorts of implications for chief info officers and the like but for the hapless user, it seems to mean that tech folks are keeping up with figuring out how to give us access to the endless world of information that multiplies by the second, and it sounds like we can continue to mindlessly expect immediate access to anything ever published online, so that's all very nice and can be relegated to the category of "not my concern".

unless, that is, cbs has implications for me, the user of information, indeed, the information addict...

cbs might make it affordable and practical for a business like netflix to just stream videos instead of going to the expense and trouble of mailing dvds. similar implication for a company that sells books. cbs might be the ticket to ensuring the kindle, et al kill the book.  (the antique store of the future might just be what we call a bookstore today...fun to imagine what would be for sale in the antique store of 2050: books, magazines, any paper product?...but that's another topic for another day)

back to cbs...

if cbs dominates, then users must be prepared w/appropriate devices for viewing so mobile devices like the kindle or iPad will become absolutely essential instead of fun additions to our typical technology kit....? seems like security risks would increase so people trained in computer security will be more valuable?

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