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January 18, 2011

Don't know why this was surprising....

Three psychology researchers (Michael Kraus, Stephane Cote, and Dacher Kelter) have published a paper that purports to show that upper class folks are less able to decipher the emotions of others than the working class. In the study, class was assigned on the basis of educational level or by self-perceived notions of status.

Per the blurb in Sunday's NY Times, "Earlier studies have suggested that those in the lower classes, unable to simply hire others, rely more on neighbors or relatives for things like a ride to work or child care. As a result, the authors [of the study] propose, they have to develop more effective social skills - ones that will engender good will."

I was tempted to assign this post a subject line of "the clueless rich," but then realized that if they really were clueless, they probably wouldn't be rich.

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