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January 22, 2011

maze vs labyrinth

a maze is a series of analytic puzzles to be solved; a series of compartmentalized and confusing paths, most of which lead to dead ends (a left-brain endeavor)

a labyrinth is a spiral walking course designed to engage the right-brain. you enter, follow the path to the center, turn around, and walk back out.

and, according to Daniel Pink in A Whole New Mind, there are 4,000 public and private labyrinths in the United States.

the Dole Plantation in Oahu claims to have the largest maze in the world. they have very kindly made a virtual version so that you can take the challenge from your living room: http://www.dole-plantation.com/Worlds-Largest-Maze

lots of claims on the title of longest labyrinth in the world, so go to google & pick your favorite...folks in Buffalo built an ice labyrinth for a winter festival, really isn't it amazing what people get up to...

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