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January 27, 2011

Modern vs not-so-modern architecture

Vincent Scully on the difference.....

Baroque architecture is controlling and controlled.  Using the Spanish Steps in Rome as an example of Baroque (as opposed to modern) architecture, he says, of the spaces created by Baroque fixtures, "all movement is around fixed points.  It is a union of the opposites of order and freedom.  The order is absolutely firm, but against it an illusion of freedom is played....it is in fact the space that governs the design."  For architecture to be modern, per Scully, the fixtures, not the space, predominate.

"The space between the natural and the manmade forms is essentially a void between opposing solids...the human beings who occupy it ... are exposed to the two separate and hostile realities of human life, what nature is and what men want to do."


Baroque architectural space?    "symmetry, hierarchy, climax and emotional release"

Modern? "a complicated spatial wandering"

Even more deep.

Vincent Scully, Modern Architecture (NY: George Braziller, 1974).

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