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January 12, 2011

the vondel of vondel park

the vondel park is a big, lovely open space in one of the coolest cities of the world and i've enjoyed jogging around the park, performances in the park, and ice creams while strolling around the park. but what does vondel mean?

so today's project i researched vondel and w/apologies to the legions of dutch people appalled by my ignorance...JOOST VAN DEN VONDEL...is considered Holland's national playright and is a "prince of poets"...according to the book i got from the library.

his masterpiece, lucifer, was written in the 1650s, before the age of the sound bite and no simple tidbits lend themselves to a quick note in a blog. not sure this is my kind of writing since my appreciation of poetry kind of starts and stops w/dr seuss but it would appear that beelzebub and lucifer are very bad, trying to corrupt corruptible mankind, and i think all ends satisfactorily, though not heavenly.

since i appreciate the man's park more than the man's literary contributions, a picture of the park courtesy of google images it is:

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