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April 30, 2011

In it for the long haul?

Whether we want to live longer is a question in and of itself.....but it pays to be, apparently, determined and committed (not necessarily to someone, though) if one wants to prolong the state of being.

From the NY Times discussion (April 19 2011) of a new book, The Longevity Project (Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin):
(actually this is, I think, a quote from the book itself) "The findings clearly revealed that the best childhood personality predictor of longevity was conscientiousness, the qualities of a prudent, persistent, well-organized person, like a scientist-professor - somewhat obsessive and not at all carefree."

Other studies have shown that education is key to a long life (but that's not really a characteristic of the individual; it's something he/she has endured).

You also live longer if you are agreeable.  Genes only go so far (~30% determinative).

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