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April 4, 2011

Pagicide or Raptricide

So, patricide is killing one's father and regicide is killing one's king......so if it's the child of the king who does the killing, it's .......

Luckily, Wikipedia has many more examples of the phenomenon -

[all of the following quoted directly from Wikipedia entry on patricide]

Sennacherib (r. 704–681 B.C.E.), Assyrian king, was killed by two of his sons for his desecration of Babylon.
Emporor Yang of Sui in Chinese history allegedly killed his father, Emperor Wen of Sui.
In the Greek creation epic, Cronus was poisoned by his son Zeus and wife Rhea (a case of turnabout being fair play ... remember Uranus?).
Apsu, in the Babylonian creation epic the Enuma Elish, was killed by his son Ea in the struggle for supremacy among the gods.

And then there's the combination of matricide and regicide ... magicide or ratricide?

[all quoted from Wikipedia entry on matricide]

Amastris, queen of Heraclea, was drowned by her two sons in 284 BC.
Cleopatra III of Egypt was assassinated in 101 BC by order of her son, Ptolemy X, for her conspiring.
In AD 59, the  Roman Emperor Nero is said to have ordered the murder of his mother Agrippina the Younger, supposedly because she was conspiring against him.

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