2 3 live&learn&rejoice: my first entrepreneurial idea ever

June 6, 2011

my first entrepreneurial idea ever

dachshunds have about 125 million scent receptors compared to the 5 million in humans . . . other breeds have even more scent receptors than weiner dogs . . .

so why doesn't some entrepreneur establish a "smelling stop," a store or event space for doting dog owners to bring their beloved pets and let the dogs have a major snifferama. can you imagine the possibilities?

it could be a dog extravaganza with vendors of all sorts, games, contests, and activities for the dogs and their shamelessly devoted owners, photo sessions (imagine a photo booth with all sorts of hats that both dog and owner could wear), and the snifferama where dogs get to indulge their sense of smell to their hearts' content.

i like it. tails would wag.

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