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March 9, 2011

Cremation, happiness, and....

.... home ownership? ... average travel time to work?

Happy people live in Hawaii and are highly and happily cremated.

Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Montana are also big cremators, but are neither particularly happy nor miserable states.  Home ownership rates in those states?  60.1%, 64.4%, 64.3%, 68%, and 69.1%, respectively.  Hawaii home ownership rate?  .... only 56.5%  (all numbers as of 2000).  So, the happiest state has a lower home ownership rate.    Among the unhappiest states are Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and West Virginia, with home ownership rates of 69.4%, 72.3%, 70.8%, and 75.2%.  Hah!!  Better not to own a home ... if happiness is a goal.

How about commute times?  Happy Hawaii?  26.1 minutes.

Unhappy Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and West Virginia?  21.9, 24.6, 23.5, and 26.2.  Not much to glean there.

But I have lost sight of cremation.  Sigh.

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