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March 4, 2011

movie sounds

listen to movies more carefully and beyond the dialogue you'll hear the sound of horse hooves, heavy breathing, wind chimes, tire screeches, or any of a zillion other noises we need to hear to make the movie believable.

part of movie magic is brought to us by foley artists, people who sit in a studio and make appropriate noises to accompany the dialogue & visuals of a movie.

in a 5-minute video clip at http://gawker.com/#!5768850/meet-the-guy-who-makes-movie-sounds, a veteran foley artist demonstrates the craft and describes a car crash sound as layering hundreds of "paint strokes" (make that sound strokes) to get an authentic sound.

for more, go to http://www.marblehead.net/foley/

just amazing what goes into making a movie. really the epitome of the dreaded word "teamwork".

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