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March 19, 2011

Deaths in the national parks

In Zion National Park, in Utah, there's a trail that leads from the base of the canyon to a rock formation (1200 feet high) named Angels Landing.  It's a hard trail that begins along the Virgin River, goes fairly steeply uphill along the side of the cliff,  then winds its way through a forest along a tributary, and winds up in a series of switchbacks (called Walter's Wiggles) that ascend to Scout Lookout.  Scout Lookout gives an amazing view of the Canyon.  Beyond Scout Landing, the climb becomes 'technical,' and involves climbing up rocks (with drop-offs on one - and sometimes both - side(s)), with chains available to support climbers as they make their way to the top of Angels Landing.

At least five people have fallen to their deaths (in un-suspicious circumstances) from the Angels Landing trail.  Most of those happened on the technical part of the trail (above Scout Lookout), but some took place from Scout Lookout itself.

Surprisingly. more people have died in Zion on the Emerald Pools trail, which is a far easier trail, but which includes slippery ledges and tempting waterfalls.

Source?  http://www.nps.gov/zion/frequently-asked-questions-about-zion-canyon.htm

Angels Landing



Emerald Pools


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