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March 30, 2011

Even more (on) regret.....

More from the Northwestern / University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign study on regret.....sigh....
“About 44 percent of women reported romance regrets versus 19 percent of men. Women also had more family regrets than men. About 34 percent of men reported having work-oriented regrets versus 27 percent of women reporting similar regrets. Men also had more education regrets than women. 
Individuals who were not currently in a relationship were most likely to have romance regrets. 
People were evenly divided on regrets of situations that they acted on versus those that they did not act on. People who regretted events that they did not act on tended to hold on longer to that regret over time. 
Individuals with low levels of education were likely to regret their lack of education. Americans with high levels of education had the most career-related regrets.”

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