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March 9, 2011


so all this talk about happiness and I stumble upon a book description at amazon.com about flow, the psychology of optimal experience. first paragraph snippet below:

and in reading the reviews, it occurs to me that frustration from a job that is meaningless (like mine) need not lead to despair and unhappiness. refocus, reprioritize. create a work environment that is an opportunity for personal development so that it becomes a meaningful place and your actions and your attitude at work make a difference. you don't have to be a physician healing the sick or a social worker to have a positive impact on the world around you, even shuffling papers at your desk, you can generate positive goodwill and spread good cheer. not only the obviously sick would benefit from a feel good factor. so while some of us (most of us?) are stuck in pointless office jobs, we can still contribute to harmony and good will.

and maybe this book will give some guidance about whether people who go with the flow get cremated. maybe they eat at mcdonald's just before their memorial service. happy meal = happy death?

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