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May 27, 2011

bad is the new good

After conversating with an edgy coed who could care less about emerging artists and was disinterested in anything unrelated to her diva tendencies, I realized it was about exactly 3:45 pm -- actually the clock read 3:42 pm. I anxiously awaited the delivery of my first paycheck, expected at 4:00 pm. This check was especially significant because I had spent the last two weeks as the go-to gal for a ginormous ego maniac genius who graduated college just ten years ago and had already grown a successful company selling paintings. The business was not such a creative endeavor as it really just merged together existing methodologies to maximize efficiency and take advantage of low hanging fruit. In any event, I honestly believe that due to the hugely impactful benefit my work had to the corporate success, the powers-that-be potentially could get pushback for applauding my efforts at wearing many hats by awarding me a whopping bonus. Whatever, it really is a win-win situation since so many companies and recruiters are trying to woo me. Being an uber-wordsmith really makes life less worrying instead of worrisome.


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