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May 2, 2011

do we need more search engines? sure, why not.

yippy.com - google "define: yippy" and you'll get the very curious answer "Undead rabid poodles in clown attire."

i like it, i do. unconventional definitions for commonly used words is new to me, but i like the possibilities. maybe we'd all communicate a lot better if we kept switching out the meanings of words randomly and you were always confused (confusion often beats the alternative of when you actually understand what was just said . . . but that's a dark path to trod in the morning).

taking the more conventional approach, yippy might be overly enthusiastic for describing this search engine, but it is  welcome addition to the search engine club nonetheless. in japan the test of a sushi restaurant is the "tamago sushi," for me the test of a search engine is the word "dachshund" and yippy passed that test with lots of cute dog pictures . . . a much better way to start the day than worrying about undead poodles in clown attire.

and then there is addictomatic.com. i don't find it that addictive, but it promises the latest buzz on any topic so how can you go wrong?

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