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May 5, 2011

tennyson & mickey mouse

assuming it is correct that "tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" . . . a rather audacious assumption really, I mean, why should we trust alfred in these affairs, do we know that he knew this with any degree of certainty or it just sounded poetic so he jotted it down because that was the sort of thing people expected him to do?

. . .  leaving that troublesome consideration aside let us go forth and consider whether or not it would be correct to extrapolate and say it is better to have been interviewed for the dream job and lost than never to have been interviewed at all?

and this is difficult, folks, very difficult  . . .  because the interviewee gets so very excited about the tempting prospect seemingly within reach and then can any other position, any other organization, any other career opportunity in life ever compare to the fruit that was within reach but, alas, not reached?

or does everything afterward seem rather pale and Mickey Mouse?

. . .and really what's up with Disney --  the ultimate enforcer of all copyright and intelletual property rights and the powerhouse with reputation and image . . . how did they let the term  "mickey mouse" be equated with mediocrity? is that a PR plunder or what happened there?

the etymology, courtesy of "wiktionary": the adjective sense developed during the second world war, after a large quantity of low quality counterfeit mickey mouse watches flooded the united kingdom.

so here's hoping my interview today is not of that kind of "mickey mouse" quality.

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